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Sunday, August 12, 2012

postheadericon It is Family History Month

Well, it is at The Digital Scrapbook Place.  For some reason the long time family history chats have been attended less and less.  Not so the chats based on Family History this month.  It is amazing how much knowledge is out there.  I feel as if there was no way to share it with so many.  How to start, what to do with your information, how to organize your pages, where to go to find more.  Sometimes it is hard to remember who is supposed to be leading the chats as everyone has so much to share.

Right now the Family History Chats are on Tuesdays at 8 PM EST and Thursdays at 10 PM EST.  Somehow, the other chats all week long end up centering on Family History, too. 

There is an awesome tutorial on "Restoring and Tinting a Badly Faded Photo for Advanced Photoshop Users" by Carole Harden.  I printed that out immediately and set to work.  Here are two of my results.

  Another topic has been what to do if you don't have photos.  Here are a couple of my solutions.