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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My mother's paternal grandparents were both German immigrants. They came to America on the same boat at the same sailing, but didn't meet until both had settled in Saginaw, a hub for German Immigrants.

Rheinhold died many years before Johanna and my mother doesn't really remember him. She did tell me stories about the bitterness against Germans during the war. Her grandmother, who lived with them, spoke ONLY German and, with his son in the war, my grandfather would allow NO German to be spoken in his house. My mother said her grandmother didn't speak for the duration of the war. She would, however, listen to the radio (in English) and cry over names of towns she knew and possible relatives and friends in the midst of the war. She had a grandson on one side of the war, and nephews fighting on the German side. How hard it must have been for her.
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postheadericon 1900 Home Interior

This is the inside of my grandparents' home in Detroit around the turn of the century. I do mourn the little "tabourette" (table with a fern on it in the bottom photo) that I had, but my children fell on it and broke it. I can identify some of the dishes on the sideboard in the dining room photo. I consider these professional photos to be treasures!
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postheadericon Some Oehring Scrapbook Pages

These are some treasured photos of my mother's family. The original photos are all safely tucked away in acid-free envelopes. I use the system from The layouts can be printed in any square size, but the first are usually 8" x 8" for the albums and refills I can occasionally find inexpensively at Big Lots or some dollar stores.

From time-to-time I also print them smaller for little handy gifts for relatives.

Great Grandfather Abraham (Abram) Hodges, my mother's mother's father. I know so little about him but there are some stories in research done by my mother's cousin long ago, and some census statistics. So far I haven't been able to identify his wife in any of the mystery photos I have. I also can't find any statistics about her.

Both of my grandfathers, Anderson and Oehring, were in the Masons, My parents met through youth organizations sponsored by the Masons. I have several Masonic items and only an SURE of the origin of the cufflinks with the O for Oehring on one side. The "coin" was with my grandmother's things so that probably belongs to that side.

THis is a treasured photograph of my mother's whole family. Befor another formal portrait could be taken, the brothers had scattered, college and one to World War I.

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