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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

postheadericon Paired Scrapbook Pages

Since our break-throughs often change the nature of a whole part of our genealogy, they also often make some heritage scrapbook pages in error, or irrelevant.  Rather than destroy those pages, I have made some of them a first part to a two-part double page.
The Meyer Family
JOURNALING - Original Heritage Page: In spite of many hours searching Ancestry web sites, we can find no trace of my grandfather’s sister, Tracy, husband Monty, or children, Hilmar, Doris, and Naomi (not pictured).  At the time of these photos they lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan and exchanged many formal photos with my mother’s family.  They were dear and close cousins.  Where are they?

The Meyer Family-revisited
JOURNALING: Follow-up page created over a year later:  One day, while searching on Ancestry.Com, I noticed a “shaking leaf” by mother’s Cousin Monty’s name.  When I found the matching information, on someone else’s tree I sent her a message.  Monty was her great-grandfather.  She was able to fill in family information.  Monty’s mother, Tracy, my grandfather’s sister, died young and Monty remarried.. That seemed to separate the two families.  I will be meeting this relative in a few weeks and giving her the collection of photos of Monty's family I have saved.

Several sites where you enter your family tree information will alert you when there are matches between your tree and another one on file.  If the site allows messages between tree owners you MIGHT find a long lost cousin, pieces of important information,or location information.

In another case, I am still searching for some information.  I created a pair of pages and will be submitting them here and there hoping to find someone who recognizes the place or people.
This farm tintype from Grandma Anderson's collection
 JOURNALING: This tintype was with my grandmother’s things when she died.  It is very large for a tintype and must have been important.  It could be either a Scarlett farm or an Anderson farm.  Scarlett farms were in Indiana, most in Noble County.  The one Anderson farm was in Ohio.  The number of people could include in-laws and hired hands.  There are 8 children, the husband and wife in the center, an older man and woman (in-laws?), and two older girls who could be servants or relatives.  Since there are no possible cousins, second, or third, this beautiful homestead remains a mysterious link to my ancestry.  We roughly dated it to  the 1890s.
The main people in the photo
These appear to be the parents in the photo of the Family Farm.  They do not match any other people in photos or tintypes that I have.  There are some children, one young lady and, what appears to be, 2 housemaids and an older man:  hired hands or some in-laws.  I will keep looking to see if any of them match a known ancestor.

More than anything, I would like to know if this beautiful farmhouse still exists and how it fits into my genealogy.