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Sunday, February 10, 2013
Shortly after Christmas I sent in my sample for the Ancestry DNA testing.  The results appeared on the Ancestry Website for me to view.  Interesting!!!

I am SURE of several lines back to England, my great-grandmother on my father's side; my Benjamin line on my mother's grandfather's side, my GGGGG Gandfather on my father's mother's side, And several more.  Probably 5 proven lines for aunts and uncles in the DAR and SAR are accepted by the Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution.

HOWEVER, my DNA map shows NO links to any of the countries lumped together as Great Briton.  Now what?

The percentages for Scandinavia and Eastern Europe are spot-on.  The 71% Central Europe is a mystery, also.  Central Europe encompasses modern day Poland, Ukraine and as far South as Greece. It seems that the ancestors that came from England may have emigrated from Central Europe.  Lots of research ahead of me.

Along with the DNA results came a list of others who have had their DNA analyzed by Ancestry and who match at a 4th cousin or better level.  I have 17 people so far to contact.  As new matches come in I will be notified.  Some have their trees available, some will make their trees available upon request, and some haven't really started their trees yet.

There is also a list with each available tree of surnames in both trees which makes it easier to see where you are linked.  So far I have only found commonality with one of the 17, but I have only viewed 3 or so trees.

I have to say, that the results site is easy to navigate and has a lot of features.  I am still exploring.