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Sunday, September 28, 2008

postheadericon For Amber-1972-2008

Amber was the youngest daughter of my cousin, Larry. He was partially raised by my parents so we were like twins for many years. His children are like nieces and nephew, but we don't stay in touch nearly enough. How sorry I am that we didn't, but I cherish the last time we visited Larry 2 years ago and visited with Amber, too.
Sunday, September 21, 2008

This was scanned as an exercise in cleaning up an old photo. Actually, this is a glass photograph that we think was brought from Sweden by my great grandfather Carl Andersson (Charles Anderson) when he immigrated in 1870.

Another mystery discovered with a new cache of old photos. Who is this "Miss Hodges"?
I will be sending this link to the photos to my Oehring cousins (6) in the hopes that one of them has an answer to this and other Oehring mysteries.

Unknown Hodges Lady - Could be Mother, Alice or daughters Laura, Ella, or Carrie.

postheadericon Fashion in the 1890s

The original is here with credits.

They were sisters, girls of good Indiana farm stock, but they wanted more. Minnie was married into a successful photographer’s family by age 18 and had son, Clair, exactly a year later. Katie, however, watched as her older sister settled more and more into life in Hicksville and swore it wouldn’t happen to her. She became a teacher in the one room school house, AND postmistress. Her clothes were fancy and she nagged her sister to dress just so. Even her little nephew was pushed into the fashionable mold. By age 17, Katie married a handsome railroad man who wore suits and hats. She fled Hicksville for Chicago, Detroit and finally settled for the quiet life in Gibraltar. Fashion never was far from her heart.

Minnie and Katie were almost different generations with the 8 year difference in their ages. Katie remained devoted to Clair even after his mother died in 1950. Clair never married (maybe it was those outfits). He and my father were close, again inspite of the difference in age. Both were pharmacists and both owned their own stores, Clair’s in Ohio; Dad’s in Michigan. When Clair died in 1966 it was the end of a branch of the family that went back 5 generations. I have had to do some real detective work to turn up a few cousins, but, at last, there have been some connections back to a fine, proud, family dating to the early 1700s. Katie and Minnie would so love what I have learned. I wish I could share it with them.
Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sorting boxes, totes and baskets of stuff into my new scrap room I came across a box of photos I don't remember. So far the oldest one dated is 1906. Many have no identifying marks and I just have to keep trying to identify something in the picture.

I remember my mother talking about her Uncle Charles...her mother's brother. She knew he had some position in the government of the Philippines. I ran across this little group of mailings from Charles to my mother's brother, Sid. He would have been 15 at the time. The pictures are so interesting. The photos and papers are actually in perfect condition. I used a series of aging overlays to get the look I wanted here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

postheadericon A Find

I didn't say "A Treasure" because the "Find" is so frustrating. As I unpacked dozens of boxes and totes of craft items, I found a Whitman Samplers box full of old photos. A few have something written on the back but many have only a date. Many have nothing to identify the photo at all. There are interesting formal portraits and they will be scrapped although I don't know who some of the subjects are. Putting my head together (over the computer connection) with my brother we will be doing some detective work like we did on this one. At first I thought it was from my mother's family, however looking more closely I was able to identify my grandmother and her best friend, my dad's Godmother and, probably, her husband. The location may never be known, though.

The Original is here.