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Friday, February 4, 2011

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Second Cousin Once Removed:
My second-cousin-once-removed, Jennifer and me.
 Through matching tree entries in, Jennifer and I discovered "missing" branches of our families.  Her great-grandmother and my grandfather were siblings.  The children of the two families were so close they even had their photos taken together.
My Uncle Sid at the top, Uncle Lyman on the right.  Their Cousins Hilmar and Naomi are at the left. About 1904 before my aunt and mother were born and younger cousin Doris.. 
My mother remembered the 7 children being together often...then when Mother was about 7 or 8 they didn't seem to spend any more time together.  Why?  I had not been able to locate information on the internet and that branch of the family tree was just gone.

The story was this:  My grandfather's sister, (Jen's great-grandmother), died in her early 40s leaving her minister husband with 3 young children.  Eventually he remarried but the link between the two families was gone and never was restored...until now!!!

Jen had a photo of the old family home where her great-grandmother and my grandfather were raised.  How precious THAT was! 

I passed on the originals of about 8 photos of her ancestors that belong rightfully to her and her sister.  We exchanged information about our respective branches and our current families.

A lovely afternoon!!!