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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

postheadericon My First Cemetery Search

A Memorial Arch among the family plots
In 1963, on our sort-of-honeymoon, we visited my new husband's family in Savannah, Georgia.  I had never been further South than Ohio so the live oaks, Spanish moss, wrought iron balconies, fountains and square parks were just fascinating in spite of the August heat.

I made sure my children, who I ended up raising on my own, always knew they had a large family in Savannah.  Recently, I started looking for genealogy information about that part of the family and learned that many branches of that family go way back to before the revolution, coming from a place called "Io", apparently an area of Switzerland.  The elderly grandmother I met in 1963 was a Bourguin, and they, too, dated back to original Georgia settlers with hefty land grants.  I also learned the Bashlors were buried in Bonaventure Cemetery, the gorgeous old burial ground featured in the 1993 movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

The overhanging Live Oaks with Spanish Moss form a cathedral ceiling.
There are others, but I will search for those next time.

My children's great-grandparents, James and Mary (Maimie)

James Roberson Bashlor  b. Feb 7, 1858    d. Sept23, 1919
Mary Bourquin Bashlor,    b. Jan 22, 1871   d. Mar 5, 1969

James Roberson Bashlor    b. May 5, 1902   d. May 20, 1976      Dweese Gupton Bashlor  b. Nov 20, 1903  d. Nov 22, 1993    
 I am not sure of the relationship of this couple to my children.

Ralph Burns Bashlor, Apr 26, 1907 - Nov 18, 1916

Lynda Suzanne, Daughter of Nell and Bobby Bashlor, Oct 31, 1948 to Nov 2, 1948
Franklin King, son of Ruth G Krystal King, June 15, 1929 - June 15, 1948

Frank Sloat Bashlor Aug 31, 1890  to  Dec 12, 1922
I have no idea at this time how these people are related, but as soon as I can start their family tree, and start searching for clues I will have this put together.