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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is not a real magazine cover but a fun way I chose to display two photos of my mother's parents' home in Detroit at the turn of the century. Mother remembered much of the furniture, but the only thing I recognize is the Tabourette (little table under the Norfolk Island Pine plant between the couch and the left rocker) because it was mine for a few years until it fell apart. Yes, I am very sorry I didn't repair it and keep it.
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I just love this portrait of my grandmother's sister, Minnie Scarlett Garver. The photographer's last name is the same as the man Great-Aunt Minnie married at about this same time. It makes me really wonder what the relationship was.
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These two pages are also timelines but these are of my Great-great-great-great Grandfather (first-born son of the previous ancestor) personal and historical events during his life.
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These two pages show how history and my Great-great-great-great-great grandfather's personal milestones work together. I think it almost gives me a picture of his life.
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The object behind this layout was to get the story written. I am the only person alive who knows this story and it had to be preserved. Mom told me about these photos many times. When I discovered that Dad still carried one of the pictures in his wallet in the nursing home, it made an impression I want to pass on.

Journaling reads: "All the while my mother was growing up, her family had at least one professional portrait taken of each family member each year. Her high school graduation coincided with the Great Depression, and that photograph was the last taken until Mom and Dad were engaged, years later. For Dad’s birthday in May, the month before their wedding, Mom went to a well-known portrait photographer. He was taken with her look and asked her to pose for him, and he would give her a set of portraits free. This was one of the “head shots”. A large copy hung on a bedroom wall back as far as I can remember. A tattered smaller one was in Dad’s wallet until he died at age 89. This and several other poses came to me and I will preserve it for future generations."
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