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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

postheadericon Why did I Start?

Several older family members had explored a line or two of our genealogy for the Daughters of the American Revolution and I guess I thought that was enough. Then a cousin spent hour upon sleepless hour tracing his heritage back to ancient Scotland. Still sounded tedious to me.

Then, one day, I realized I was the last person alive who knew my grandpa well. I could NOT let my loved ones disappear!

I had Family Tree Maker, a gift from one of my daughters. I fired it up and started entering what I knew. I searched the items I knew of and got them pretty much all in one place. That took forever!!! Bits here and pieces there. Some conflicting.

Then I bought the new version of FTM and there was a direct link to Ancestry.Com. from each page. I started checking the facts I had. Then I started finding new pieces of the puzzle. There was a grandmother's date book, my aunt's high school scrapbook, a draft registration of a grandfather that linked me to his place of employment. From them I received a CD of the payroll listing my grandfather. The place still existed and I had made a friend there.