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Sunday, November 9, 2008

postheadericon Veteran's Day

Time to remember the family we know who have served. I already did layouts about my mother's brother Lyman Oehring in WWI infantry Red Arrow(Big Red One) division, and my dad's cousin, Clair Garver in the Navy Band, but I recently came across a big portrait of Mother's cousin Richard Hodges from Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I don't know much about Richard except my mother's telling me he had died in the war. I started trying to locate information about Richard. What I found was an explanation as to why the records are so incomplete and sketchy. The numbers of allied killed and where they were buried is just so muddy. Records were not kept and estimates of numbers vary by thousands and thousands. Many were buried where they died and no marker or record available.

So...I will keep looking in case something about him is available.