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Saturday, December 3, 2011

postheadericon Finding Lost Great-Grandparents

I never knew any of my great-grandparents but I felt closer to Anna and Greeley Scarlett than the others.  The Scarlett line of first-born sons came down to Greeley since the early 1700s.  However, he and Anna had two girls.  Minnie was 8 years old when her little sister, Katie, my grandmother, came along.  Minnie married first, of course, and had one child, a son, Clair.  When Katie married, she had one child, a son, my father, Clifford.  Clair never married but Cliff did and had two children, my brother, Charles and me.

Anna and Greeley moved from Alvordton to Hicksville (both in Ohio) next door to their older daughter.

I loose track of them there.  Minnie and her husband died.  In the early 60s, Clair died and I went to his military funeral.  I was sure the cemetery wasn't far from the house.

My friend, Theresa, mentioned in a geneology - scrapbooking chat one night that she lived quite close to Hicksville, Ohio and would check the cemetery there for me.

She sent me photos of the headstones.

Anna Scarlett 1859 - 1931

Horace G. Scarlett  1852 - 1933

The Garver Scarlett Plot
The three close stones are the Garvers, Minnie, Will and their son Clair.  The two further ones are the Scarlett stones.