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Thursday, August 28, 2014

postheadericon Return to Gen-Sanity

With the disappointing and confusing results of my DNA test, I lost enthusiasm for genealogy for a while.  When I looked back at the results a few weeks ago I found it entirely different.  Now it says:

Europe 100%

  • Great Britain 41%
  • Europe West 38%
  • Scandinavia 8%
  • Europe East 8%
    Trace Regions 5%
  • Italy/Greece 2%
  • Ireland 2%
  • Finland/Northwest Russia < 1%

Now THAT"s better!

Comparing two unknown photos with other known photos I was able to determine that these two former mystery people were my great-grandparents, Mary Ann Powell (from England) and Carl Andersson (from Sweden).

 Carl emigrated first to England, then, 6 years later, to the US through Canada.  Mary Ann emigrated to the US through Canada at the same time and they immediately came to Adrian, Michigan and were married.  I have their "return of marriage" papers.

Carl (now changed to Charles Anderson) was 26 and Mary Ann, 22.  I believe the photos above were taken around the time of their marriage.  The date of wedding was given as November 12, 1874.

I also have Carl/Charles' papers applying, through his church to emigrate from Sweden.  It has a date that I can read as 1848 3/10 which must have been his birth date and matches with the age at the time of his marriage.  I still need to find a translator for this "old" Swedish language.

All-in-all, I was pretty happy with my findings.  Now I also just found a British census from when Mary Ann was 9 and in England.  The parents names match information I was given by my grandmother.  It gives Mary Ann's birth place and place of residence at age 9 as Bristol, England, not Hereford, as I had been told.  We had a book about Hereford that had passed down from my grandfather.  It was just word of mouth that she was born in Hereford.  Now I know better.