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Monday, November 3, 2014

postheadericon A Break-Through from Sweden

There are many genealogy groups on Facebook.  I first joined one dedicated to  There was a lot of negative and downright mean posts so I left that for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.  When I asked a question there about my German heritage I was directed to the German Genealogy page.  Since I had questions about my Swedish heritage I joined Swedish Genealogy, also.  There were people in that group that were actually Sweden natives living there now.  I asked about a few of the words on this document:

The actual place of birth is "Born October 3, 1848 in Pershytte village, Hedemora parish, Stora Kopparberg County" (today Dalarna county).

That long first word before "Carl Andersson" (Hammunsegaresoneu) means "son of a man that owns his own small farm".  Who could have guessed THAT one!

I had included this photo in the post assuming that one of those boys was my great-grandfather.:

I received THIS comment that the photo of the two boys had to be taken after 1893 (Carl left in 1870) so probably his brothers.  Also the photo studio on the back was established in 1893.  Then he saw "1910" somewhere on the card so THAT was when it was taken.

One of the members did a little research and found one of the brothers stayed in Sweden, had 5 sons and 1 daughter, and lived in Hedemora during the time between 1893 and 1900.

I have NO idea what to enter as Charles/Carl's father's name.  I settled for Hammunsegaresoneu, the word for Man Who Owns His Own Small Farm...I can change it if more information becomes available.

Facial Recognition supports that these are Charles and his bride, Mary Ann.

I have their State of Michigan Return of Marriage.  That just states Charles was born in Hedemora, Sweden, and Mary Ann was born in Hereford, England.

 I guess I should join the British Genealogy page on Facebook.  At least there won't be translation problems, I hope.