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Friday, February 5, 2016

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A few months ago I started following Genabloggers (  In daily email, among other things, is a list of topic brain joggers each day for the many Genealogist Bloggers.  I am not dedicated enough to consider myself among those daily bloggers, but I thought I would play along sometimes.  Here are today's possible topics for a blog.
***Family Friends Friday
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Family Friends.  When my grandparents were married in November of 1898 and living in Adrian, Michigan, my grandmother, just 17 years old at the time became friends with a neighbor who was also a new young bride.  That neighbor never had children of her own, but she and her husband were Godparents to my father when he was born many years after they were no longer neighbors.  I was familiar with "Aunt" Mildred Blaire, who visited Grandma for a week or so every year.  I believe Grandma visited her as often, too.  Aunt Mildred and her husband lived in Woodstock, Ontario and my grandparents in Michigan in the small town, Gibraltar, right on Lake Erie.
Here are my grandparents, Mildred and an unidentified young lady on a rock on the Eastern shore of Lake Erie in Canada.  Mildred's husband, Mark, was taking the photo.
This is my young father and "Uncle Mark" together at my grandparents' house on Fortune Street in Delray (now part of Detroit), Michigan.
My grandmother, Katie standing, and Mildred, seated, during one of Mildred's visits to Gibraltar, Michigan.  Both women were widowed by this time.
"Aunt" Mildred and "Uncle" Mark at their home in Woodstock, Ontario.