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Monday, May 26, 2008

postheadericon "Our Mock Wedding"

I am letting my mother's writing on the photo act as the title.
JOURNALING: A summer day and 5 did they amuse themselves in 1921? My mother and her friends held a Mock Wedding. The preparations took all day. Each girl had her part and had to scour up a costume appropriate for her role. That is my mother playing the part of the minister, wrapped in an army blanket. My aunt was Maid-of-Honor in a bath robe and her mother’s cloche' hat. This was in my grandmother’s garden so I can only guess that they were allowed to pick some of her flowers for the bouquet. The “gentlemen” holding their hats just so during the ceremony is quite elegant, but the knickers on the girls must have been just a bit risque.
Vanilla Page Kit by Meryl Bartho
Ring Around The Rosies, Deep Tone Page Kit by Meryl Bartho

My goodness...has it been a year since my last post? I haven't given up, in fact, I am contemplating a road trip to Indiana to look in the genealogy department of the Fort Wayne library. It was to be a trip with an online genealogy/ scrapbooking group, but the group seems to have disbanded.

Along the way, I have corresponded with a 5th cousin in Indiana who wrote a book about my grandmother Anderson's roots. Another friend send me scans of the pages that are linked to my search. A wealth of information! I do hope we can go this summer. I want to meet this cousin.