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Monday, May 26, 2008

postheadericon "Forgotten Memory"

This page was an answer to a challenge about a forgotten memory.

JOURNALING: There was a funny feeling when I discovered this photo. My parent’s bedroom!!! I remember the bedroom set, especially the dressing table. Now the table has been remodeled into 2 bedside tables. My brother has the furniture. I remember the doll, Janice, but not the buggy. I don’t remember playing dress-up with Mom’s hat and shoes. The pajamas don’t strike a chord, either, but that bedroom! I can picture Mom sitting on the stool with the hem of her dress turned back to protect it from nail dust and filing her nails. The Priscilla-style curtains were all through the house. Why do I know that felt hat was blue? I don’t remember, or do I?
KITS: ButterflyKisses-by Kim Liddiard and FunkyFrameStamps by Rene Bross for Club Digital April 2008