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Monday, May 23, 2011

postheadericon More Frustration

It never ends, but if it did what would we have to do?  I was unable to sleep the other night and decided to find out a bit about my late-ex-husband's grandmother.  I had met her in Savannah in a nursing home while we were on our honeymoon.  She thought her grandson was her son but on genealogy she was quite clear.  She was Mary Mozelle Bourquin.  Family Tree Maker and to the rescue.  FTM is alsolinked to and I have a membership so I didn't think a thing of it when her name came up in a Genealogy page in a book The Bourquin Family.  I copied it all down by hand, at least what was important at the moment.  Her birth date, (she was still alive when this book was done in 1936), dates of all of her children, their spouses, and their dates, and number of children as of 1936.  I also had her parents' names and dates.

It was really late by then and I was tired.  I skipped to the first page of the book and copied down the first entry, Jean Baptiste Bourquin, his birth date, that he was a physician, and immigration from Switzerland to South Carolina in 1738. 

Then I went to bed.  Now I cannot get back to that book any way.  I may have to call the Gen Center in Salt Lake City.  I cannot figure out why it doesn't show up any more.