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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

postheadericon A new chat

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1, I will be hanging out in the Ancestorville chat room on Facebook hoping there are some other Ancesterville residents interested in heritage scrapping.  If you are on Facebook, contact me and I will direct you to one of the two chats at 3:00 EST and 8:00 EST.

I was in the chat room at Ancestorville one evening on another topic when I mentioned scrapping heritage, genealogy, ancestors, etc.  There were a couple who didn't know what "scrapping" was, let alone heritage scrapping, digital or otherwise.  There were a couple more who knew about scrapping but hadn't linked it to the stories of the ancestors.  I know at least one who has already jumped into it and keeps me informed.  I don't know all the answers, even if the "Mayor" of Ancestorville called me an "expert" but I have links...lots of links.

My suggestion for getting your feet wet is to choose one photo, piece of ephemera, or copy of an important record, scan it, place it loosely on a blank page and tell the story...every detail you know.  I usually type mine on a computer but handwritten is even better.  THEN go looking for backgrounds and decorations.