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Sunday, May 29, 2011

postheadericon Some More New Heritage Scrapbook Pages

My partner and his sister
Then and Now pages are fun to do if you have the photos.  Sometimes it is a bit of serendipity to find a pair of photos like these, and sometimes you have to set up the "Now" photo.  There is always Photoshop if you need to do some fancy cutting and pasting.  I was lucky to find this "now" shot but it was a group shot so other people had to be removed by the magic of Photoshop.

My mother with her older brother, my oldest uncle.
Special occasions are great for that little push you might need to tell a particular story.  My mother often talked about her big brother and the anxious times her family had during WWI when he was away fighting.  I am so glad she told me so many stories. 

It amazes me how little my own children absorb of things I tell them so getting the stories and photos together on these pages might help the old stories live on.  It makes up for not having enough time to talk to my children with their busy lives.